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An easy-to-use and useful antivirus software that was specially designed to protect your personal computer from various types of threats

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Protector Plus Antivirus is a compact antivirus software that can help you protect your PC from virus infections. Due to the number of threats that knock on the door of every computer connected to the Internet, an antivirus program is a must have.

The application is designed to increase the security level of your computer by automatically scanning the files that are being accessed by the users. The Settings window allows you to select the file types that are scanned and the default action for the encountered threats. For instance you can scan only the susceptible files or scan every file that is accessed.

You can also use the program to scan a specific location from the local hard drive or from a removable device. If any threat is detected and the file cannot be disinfected you are able to send it to the quarantine and to submit it to the developer for further analysis.

This application includes an email scanner that can prevent malicious files from infiltrating on your computer using the email clients. When scanning for viruses the program can be configured to also scan the mailboxes in order to detect the infected files that were received prior to its installation.

If you take the security of your computer seriously you might think about using the scheduler and create customized scans. Running regular scans on the most important files and folders decreases the risk of a virus attack. The virus definitions file is updated automatically by default and you should not change that setting to make sure that you have the latest version.

The interface of the program is straightforward and all the basic functions are easy to access and to use. During the scan the antivirus displays a progress window but it does not show the elapsed time or the estimated time.

The scan speed was decent since it took about 30 minutes to complete a scan of a 14 GB partition that included more than 130.000 files. The impact on the computer performance was noticeable as the CPU usage varied between 20 and 90%.

Although it does not include an instant messenger scanner, Protector Plus Antivirus provides the basic features required to prevent viruses from infecting your files.

Protector Plus Antivirus Software was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on October 1st, 2014
Protector Plus Antivirus Software - Protector Plus Antivirus Software provides you with a reliable security software that is ready to protect your system.Protector Plus Antivirus Software - With Protector Plus Antivirus Software you can easily perform on-demand scans to check your system.Protector Plus Antivirus Software - Once the scan is complete, Protector Plus Antivirus Software reveals the total number of infected files it found.Protector Plus Antivirus Software - screenshot #4Protector Plus Antivirus Software - screenshot #5Protector Plus Antivirus Software - screenshot #6Protector Plus Antivirus Software - screenshot #7Protector Plus Antivirus Software - screenshot #8

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