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Redlof Remover is a free tool that removes the HTML.Redlof virus from your computer

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No matter how careful you are when using the computer, navigating online and downloading files from the Internet might result in computer infections that cause different types of damage to your system.

For instance, the HTML.Redlof virus infects numerous file types on your drives (HTML, HTM, ASP, PHP, VBS, JSP, HTT), continuously creates 'folder.htt' and 'desktop.ini' files and slows down your computer. It automatically loads at system stratup, creates registry entries and spreads via e-mail.

No matter how many times you try to delete these files, as they keep reappearing. If you ever experience these manifestations, you can try a dedicated anti-malware solution such as Redlof Remover.

This application does not require installation and can easily detect whether your PC is infected with the HTML.Redlof virus, helping you remove the files permanently and ensure that the effects no longer occur.

Providing a simple and user-friendly interface, Redlof Remover is a lightweight tool that only requires you to push a button to start searching for the Redlof threat. Once the scanning process is complete, a complete list of the infected files is displayed in the main window.

In order to clean your computer, simply press the designated button and wait for the application to do its magic. Users are advised to reboot their computer to make sure all the virus traces are removed.

Even though considered a low-level threat, the HTML.Redlof virus can perform changes to your system and is most likely to cause discomfort. Redlof Remover is a handy tool for getting rid of this malware, but keep in mind that it cannot replace a permanent antivirus solution for protecting your computer.

Redlof Remover was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 10th, 2013
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