USB Virus Remover

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A small autorun identification and risk removal tool that can help you clean your USB devices from such potentially dangerous content

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The Autorun virus is known for making use of Windows' Autorun function in order to trigger the execution of malicious programs stored on removable drives, which could ultimately lead to private information leakage and data theft.

Autorun, .lnk,shortcut,etc usb virus remover is one of the many tool that promise to keep your USB storage devices free of such threats, eliminating the dangers before your system gets infected. Actually, its suggestive name reveals all that from the start.

The console-like interface of the application might not make it so appealing to the majority of users, but its purpose requires it to focus more on functionality and less on good looks.

Your only task is to enter the drive that you want the program to scan. Please note that you shouldn't set Autorun, .lnk,shortcut,etc usb virus remover to scan the drive where your operating system is installed, since this might result in making your PC nonfunctional.

All the actions that the software performs are displayed within the main window, along with information about the target USB device, such as its name and the unique serial number, the drive letter and details concerning the available storage space.

You are prompted to choose which executable files you want the application to erase from your removable disk and the Recycle Bin and which you want it to keep. Before retaining a file, it is recommended that you make sure it is created or transferred by you.

Autorun, .lnk,shortcut,etc usb virus remover is intended to fight against the Autorun virus that is trying to attack your USB device and contaminate your PC. It can assist you in deactivating the Autorun feature on a removable USB drive, but it is advisable that you have a reliable, permanent security solution installed on the system at all times.

USB Virus Remover was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on July 4th, 2015
USB Virus Remover - USB Virus Remover is an easy to use application that allows you to detect threatening files on your USB devices.USB Virus Remover - The program includes a task manager function that displays the currently running programs and identifies threats.USB Virus Remover - The program allows you to open a folder and select the files you wish to permanently delete from your system.USB Virus Remover - screenshot #4

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