W32/CleanKido Trojan Removal Tool1.0

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With this lightweight and effective application, you can remove the Kido Trojan and its variants from your computer, with a single button press

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W32/CleanKido Trojan Removal Tool is a user-friendly and reliable software solution built with a single purpose in mind: that of getting rid of any traces of the Kido infection from your computer, enabling you to regain full access to your Windows account.

Kido Trojan symptoms

This type of malware is known for modifying account lockout policies, disabling Microsoft services, congesting your LAN, preventing access to virus removal websites and decreasing the response time to user commands.

If your computer shows any of these signs, it might be wise that you run W32/CleanKido Trojan Removal Tool and allow it to perform its task, to make sure you are not infected, or on the contrary, delete any and all of its variants.

Effortless cleanup your computer of the Kido Trojan

The application features a dead-simple method of functioning, its basic interface making it suitable for anyone, regardless of a potential lack of computer experience, as it only requires you to push a button to get the process started.

Since W32/CleanKido Trojan Removal Tool does not offer any configuration options to allow you to focus the analysis on a certain area of your PC, it will scan your entire system and determine if the malware is or not present.

While the analysis may prove rather lengthy, on the plus side, it ensures that there is nowhere for the threat to hide from detection. Once the operation is complete, the utility will display a set of statistics concerning the amount of scanned files, along with the infected items that it could find and erase.

A handy Kido remover

As a conclusion, W32/CleanKido Trojan Removal Tool is an effective and user-friendly application aimed at helping you dispose of the Kido Trojan and all its variants, the entire process requiring a minimal amount of effort on your part.

W32/CleanKido Trojan Removal Tool was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 1st, 2014
W32/CleanKido Trojan Removal Tool - The main window of W32/CleanKido Trojan Removal Tool allows you to get the scan process startedW32/CleanKido Trojan Removal Tool - You can witness the undergoing analysis in a dedicated window and see each item being checkedW32/CleanKido Trojan Removal Tool - The Statistics window enables you to learn how many infections or detected and removed