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Simple-to-use and customizable antivirus utility that supports a real-time protection component and task scheduler (for scans or updates)

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Solo Antivirus Software is a simple-to-use antivirus software application that provides modules for detecting and treating infected systems.

The interface is extremely plain, without any visual highlights. You can initialize a scan-only job, or scan-and-clean procedure, after selecting the target location (directory, drive, or include all drives).

Solo Antivirus Software shows virus names, file names, paths and statuses, along with total scanned, cleaned, infected, and error files in the primary panel.

As far as scanning options are concerned, you can set the tool to verify all file extensions, archive files and the boot sector (scans floppy disks before performing file operations), include subdirectories, as well as to create backups and reports.

It is also possible to select the action to take on detected viruses, between asking the user, continuing the scan, cleaning, deleting and renaming the file. If the tool is unable to clean an item, it can be scheduled to rename or delete it immediately.

Solo Antivirus Software features a scheduling module that can be configured for updates or scans on a regular basis (daily, weekly, or monthly). It also supports a real-time protection component (Solo Sentry), which can be asked to monitor copied and executed files, the boot sector, and e-threats (downloaded or email viruses). It is able to verify all files or just standard extensions, test the system’s integrity, and automatically run at system startup (scans startup entries, Win.ini, System.ini, batch file entries, and registry keys).

The antivirus tool has minimal impact on system resources and rapidly finishes a scan job. We have not come across any stability issues throughout our evaluation. However, the app's interface needs a complete makeover, along with newer protection modules (e.g. for removable drives). Other than that, users of any experience level can try out Solo Antivirus Software.

Solo Antivirus was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 29th, 2015
Solo Antivirus - Solo Antivirus Software helps you keep your computer safe from malware or virus threats.Solo Antivirus - While in the Solo Scheduler window, you can automate scans by arranging them for certain days.Solo Antivirus - By accessing the Solo Options window, you can set the program to automatically delete files that cannot be cleaned.Solo Antivirus - screenshot #4Solo Antivirus - screenshot #5Solo Antivirus - screenshot #6

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