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A user-friendly program whose purpose is to help you detect and remove the Win32/Virut virus while offering support for real-time statistics

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AVG’s Win32/Virut Remover is a malware cleaner application that scans, detects and erases all traces of the Win32/Virut virus. It’s a program that complements security software, but does not replace antivirus utilities.

A few words about the Win32/Virut virus

Win32/Virut is a rather popular infection that targets EXE and SCR (screensaver) files. Its behavior includes connecting to an IRC server and permitting attackers to run all kinds of files on the affected machine.

Signs that show your computer is infected

Indicatives of the Win32/Virut infection are significant increases in file size, failure during file execution (with a recent modified date in the File Properties dialog) and noticeable network traffic on port 65520 between your computer and a dangerous IRC server (

Although not considered a highly dangerous infection, it can cause discomfort, as some of the infected files may be damaged beyond repair. Removing it is possible via a number of cleaners and AVG’s Win32/Virut Remover is one of them.

Scan operations

This cleanup utility performs an in-depth scan of all of the drives on your computer and is able to remove the ones that are infected. The analysis process might take a while, so patience is required for proper results.

Real-time statistics

As the scan operation is being performed, the utility provides users with real-time statistics of the objects that were scanned, found clean or infected, as well as a count of the cleaned / deleted data. Once the process is over, users can select or highlight the items that were tagged as OK, infected or the ones that couldn’t be cleaned. Furthermore, these files can be copied, renamed or removed.

Healing is completed during a computer restart. To make sure all infections were removed, it is recommended that you run the application again.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Win32/Virut Remover can save your computer from being controlled by attackers. Keep in mind that preventing the infection (using powerful antivirus software) is better than seeking for a solution to remove it.

Win32/Virut Remover was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 28th, 2014
Win32/Virut Remover - The Win32/Virut Remover will enable you to clean your PC of this particular virus infection in no time.Win32/Virut Remover - The Win32/Virut Remover cam highlight the selected type of files.Win32/Virut Remover - screenshot #3

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