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Create e-books in a quick and simple manner by using this lightweight application that features a user-friendly, minimalistic interface

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EBook Builder is one of the straightforward software solutions out there supposed to help users create e-books with minimum effort.

And the program’s GUI shall be the living proof that EBook Builder was meant to be simple, providing just a few options in a one-window interface.

The two-panel layout gives you full control over chapters and their content, while also providing almost the same features as a full-featured word processor. You can change colors of chapters, backgrounds, windows and text, enable word wrap, copy and paste text just like in any other typical text editor.

What’s more, you can even protect the e-book with a password that shall be required every time the user launches the file.

The created e-book is a stand-alone project that can be saved on your local disks to the .EXE format, thus helping you access its content without the need for a third-party application.

EBook Builder is in most cases very easy to use, but rookies who may need more information on a specific tool can always have a look in the manual available under the help section. Unfortunately, an Internet connection is needed because the help file is published on the official page of the developer.

To sum up, EBook Builder is indeed a handy product, but it still needs a lot of updates to become a five-star application. The GUI is simple and easy to use, but a more professional approach could help a lot, while the help manual requires an Internet connection, which isn’t quite good news for users who’d like to do the whole task offline.

EBook Builder was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 14th, 2012
EBook Builder - You can create e-books by adding index entries and chapter content in the dedicated fieldsEBook Builder - You can save the content to EXE and change save preferences, such as copy, find and print permissionsEBook Builder - It is possible to edit, add and delete entries from the Index section by accessing the drop-down menuEBook Builder - Classic text functions are available in this drop-down menu, such as Copy, Paste, Find and Word WrapEBook Builder - The Options section allows you to jump to your previous or next chapter, but you can also use the hotkeys

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