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Create customized scripts in a visual environment for the popular Inno Setup compiler using a comprehensive interface packed with tools

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ISTool is a utility developed in order to help you create scripts for the Inno Setup application which is a setup compiler.

It provides a simple means of creating the necessary code without having to memorize all the required parameters or their meaning.

ISTool displays a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to work with. You receive quick access to all its main features and functions directly from the main window, so you won’t have to waste any time looking for what you need.

To make the entire process as practical as possible, ISTool offers you a visual environment in which you can edit the scripts. You get a side panel in which you can add items for installer sections such as ‘Script’, ‘Files and Dirs’, ‘Icons’, ‘INI’, ‘Registry’, ‘Install Delete’, ‘Messages’, ‘Types’, ‘Components’, ‘Tasks’, ‘Code and Languages’.

With ISTool, the code can be typed in and the built-in text editor allows you to copy, paste, find and replace content. Adding new items, regardless of the section they belong to, is a straightforward task.

For example, adding a new item in the ‘Files and Dirs’ section, you get a tabbed window that allows you to select the source file and set its destination directory, name, installation font and permissions. Also, you are able to select from flags such as ‘Compare timestamp’, ‘External’, ‘Don’t Copy’ and many more.

ISTool offers support for all the Inno Setup directives. It can separate script view using syntax coloring and can save their comments. You also get to create associations, ODBC profils, BDE aliases and even verify files.

With Inno Setup installed on your computer, ISTool allows you to directly connect to the compiler and run a test of the setup.

With the above to consider and much more to discover, ISTool is by all means a practical tool if you intend to use the Inno Setup compiler.

ISTool was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 8th, 2014
ISTool - This is the main window of the application, where you can view some of the features that you can use.ISTool - By accessing the Files and Dirs section, you will be able to add a flag to a file.ISTool - From the Icons section, the user can easily view the working directory and the file name.ISTool - The application enables you to view the key and the string for a INI entry.ISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISToolISTool

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