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Tool that helps you to create Windows installers in the form of single EXE files to install your program for easy online distribution

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Inno Setup Compiler is a software solution that allows you to create professional Windows installers. Although it all sounds terribly complicated, it's not, thanks to the way this application works.

The whole installer generating process can be carried out using a simple wizard, so Inno Setup Compiler will assist you all the time.

You are first prompted to choose the application name and version, as well as the publisher and the application website. Just fill in the information and press Next.

Afterwards, you have to choose the application destination base folder which can be either Program Files or any other custom folder you wish to choose. Again, you must write down the folder name and choose whether to give the user the permission to change the application folder or not.

Next you're required to provide the path to your app's main executable file and create a list with all the other files. The next steps come with a few other settings to customize the installer, such as the option to create a desktop or a Quick Launch icon, as well as with the language selection.

And that's basically it. Sure, it will take some time before you will be ready to build your own installer, but if you pay close attention to every single step, everything should go pretty smoothly.

All in all, Inno Setup Compiler is one of the best setup builders out there. Creating scripts using the wizard is a task so simple that it can be carried out by less experienced users while more advanced features await the power users.

Inno Setup Compiler was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 16th, 2015
Inno Setup Compiler - Inno Setup will help you quickly and easily create Windows installers with powerful toolsInno Setup Compiler - The View menu will provide users with Zoom, Compiler / Debug Output optionsInno Setup Compiler - Users will be able to access options such as Compile, Low Priority During Compile or Open Output Folder from the Build menuInno Setup Compiler - screenshot #4Inno Setup Compiler - screenshot #5Inno Setup Compiler - screenshot #6Inno Setup Compiler - screenshot #7

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