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A feature-packed and reliable software solution that allows you to play audio tracks, organize them, rip and burn CD or listen to Pandora songs

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If you recently purchased a Hewlett-Packard notebook that also runs on Windows 7, chances are that your device was also shipped with HP MediaSmart Music Software, a dedicated application that can help you make the most of the audio capabilities of your device. The app can also be downloaded and installed separately, provided the host OS is Windows 7.

Due to this utility, you can not only play your favorite audio tracks and create playlists, but also create CDs and listen to Pandora, a popular Internet radio station.

When it comes to playing your music, you can effortlessly shuffle or repeat your tracks, depending on your mood, and you can also search for certain tunes within your collection by entering an album name, artist, song title or even a genre.

Due to HP MediaSmart Music Software, you can rip audio CDs so as to be able to listen to their tracks any time you like, without needing to insert the disc first. You can import all the files to your collection or you can add them directly to a playlist - you will also be able to manually specify the album and artist names before actually exporting the data from the CD.

You can also create a disc using HP MediaSmart Music Software, as you simply need to insert a blank disc then choose the playlists you want to burn.

Another function of HP MediaSmart Music Software is that of organizing your music collection by sorting the tracks by albums, artists, genres or song titles. You also get the possibility to play, pause, rewind or fast forward the music files stored on a connected USB flash drive.

Last but not least, you can rely on this application to create Pandora or Rhapsody accounts and listen to music provided by these sources.

HP MediaSmart Music Software was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on January 22nd, 2014
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