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A tool to create ISO image from your files and folders.

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Free ISO Creator is a very easy to use Windows software tool designed to help you create an ISO image using the files stored on the local disks.

Designed exclusively with this goal in mind, Free ISO Creator boasts a rather simple interface that relies on intuitive features and provides information to assist users throughout the whole process.

The ace up its sleeve is definitely the straightforward ISO creation process that basically reduces the whole task to a few clicks experience. You only need to pick the files to be part of the ISO file and choose the ISO file name and output location.

Free ISO Creator lets you add files and folders to the ISO image and, to better organize the image content, you're also allowed to create new folders and rename the existing ones straight from the main window.

Another useful feature is the size limit that allows you to define the maximum allowed size for the ISO. This way, you can create an ISO to be burned on a standard CD, on a DVD-5 or a DVD-9, with a separate custom option to give you the power to specify any size limit.

The options screen on the other hand hides a new handy utility, this time supposed to create a bootable image, extremely useful when working with Windows installation files or any other programs to be used when turning on the computer. Plus, there are three file systems to choose from, namely ISO9660, ISO9660 + Joliet and UDF ISO.

An ISO is usually created in a few minutes depending on the amount of data to be included in the file, but the process doesn't slow down the system in any way.

Which means that Free ISO Creator does its job very well and relies on an intuitive approach to target all types of users.

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Last updated on March 1st, 2012
Free ISO Creator - From the main window of Free ISO Creator you will be able to select the file to add to imageFree ISO Creator - From the Options window of Free ISO Creator you will be able to set the file system typeFree ISO Creator - From the Size Limit window of Free ISO Creator you will be able to set the ISO Size Limit

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