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Emulation software application allowing users to play CDs & DVDs without physical disc, and search for disc images on their computer

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Alcohol 52% is specially created as a virtual drive software application, that can emulate physical drives. If you're tired of opening your disc drive every time you want to load a CD / DVD, then, Alcohol 52% is a solution that you can take into consideration.

Restart your computer at the end of the installation

The installation process is fairly simple, but, like most tools of the kind you have to reboot your computer for the program to be installed properly.

Clean feature lineup

The program's interface is pretty straightforward and easy to use. Disc image creation can be done directly from the main menu, and you can start creating your image as soon as you load the disc. As an example, it took us around 19 minutes to create a DVD image.

Look for disc images on your system

You can also search for disc images on your computer or view the full spec list for each of your drives from the same menu.

Moreover, if you don't want to access the main window of Alcohol 52% every time you want to load a disc then you can do it from the system tray icon. You can choose the emulation options you want to activate, access the Disk Management or Device Manager windows, and, of course, the customary Options window.

Create an image file and mount or unmount disc images

It is easy to make an image file, it is also easy to mount or unmount your disc images, and what is even better is that, although, the software utility allows you to easily and quickly manage your discs, it offers a lot of customization options and features.

Supported file formats

The customization process is done via the Options window. And, as long as we are here, you should know that Alcohol 52% can handle quite a few file formats. The file formats that the software program supports are the following: MDS, CCD, CUE, ISO, BWT, CDI, NRG, PDI, B5T, and ISZ.

The maximum number of mounted virtual drives can also be set, and the magic number is 6, but that should be more than enough.

An overall efficient and reliable emulation app

Alcohol 52% is a tool that can surely help you manage your disc images. Now, you won't have to load your disc from your physical drive every time you need them. Reading speed is another plus, as images stored on your computer can be accessed much faster.

Alcohol 52% Free was reviewed by Alexandru Teodorovici
Last updated on October 25th, 2014
Alcohol 52% Free - Alcohol 52% will provide users with an emulation software allowing users to play CDs & DVDs without physical discAlcohol 52% Free - The File menu will comprise the Image Making Wizard as well as various options for the current file listAlcohol 52% Free - Users will be able to handle their disc image files within the Device menu of the main interfaceAlcohol 52% FreeAlcohol 52% FreeAlcohol 52% FreeAlcohol 52% FreeAlcohol 52% FreeAlcohol 52% FreeAlcohol 52% FreeAlcohol 52% FreeAlcohol 52% FreeAlcohol 52% FreeAlcohol 52% FreeAlcohol 52% FreeAlcohol 52% FreeAlcohol 52% Free

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