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A handy and seamlessly easy to use application that allows you to perform data modifications for various DVDs, such as copy or clone them

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In order to keep your DVD collection running and in good health, you need to perform several maintenance activities, such as data backup or disc clones, as they could get damaged in time. Not taking care of a damaged disk can get it unusable, so backing it up is essential.

TDMore DVD Copy is an intuitive software solution that can help you solve these problems. It allows you to backup, copy or clone the data from your DVDs in just a couple of clicks.

Handy DVD management tool

The application can help you secure and maintain the health of your DVD collection, by performing various copies, clones or backups for each disc. This way, you can ensure that even if your DVDs are damaged or lost, you can still recover the data that was on them.

Furthermore, you can choose what data gets copied from a DVD to another, so that you can skip certain menus or titles and focus directly on a movie or presentation.

Intuitive DVD data organizer with user-friendly interface

The program helps you clone certain DVDs, which could help you share a disc and its contents with your friends or create backup points in case the original DVD gets damaged or unusable.

This has a multitude of uses, because you do not have to worry about accidents in the case you borrow your DVDs. With a blank DVD, you can share a movie to any of your friends while keeping the original one safe.

A lightweight, yet powerful DVD ripping utility

To sum it up, you can use TDMore DVD Copy to seamlessly manage your DVD collection and movie library. The application provides you with a sturdy environment for copying, cloning or backing up DVDs, along with all the data they contain.

TDMore DVD Copy was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on March 28th, 2015
TDMore DVD Copy - TDMore DVD Copy allows you to copy, clone and manage data from certain image discs.TDMore DVD Copy - You can choose to copy only the main movie data from a DVD, disregarding everything else.TDMore DVD Copy - You can change a DVD's playback mode, so that it jumps to the first menu or title whenever played.TDMore DVD CopyTDMore DVD CopyTDMore DVD CopyTDMore DVD Copy

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