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With quite an intuitive interface, this application was developed specifically to help you burn ISO image to discs using multiple methods

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Usually burning ISO images is a process which can be performed using the same software that created the compilations, yet sometimes that program may not be available, especially if the data image files are moved to another PC. A solution to this problem is one of the simplest disc writing apps, namely Active@ ISO Burner.

Simple setup and straightforward GUI

The installation process you are required to go through runs quite seamlessly, without offering to download other third-party products or requiring you to configure settings.

This tool is probably one of the easiest ways of burning ISO images on CDs and DVDs, as the whole procedure can be carried out in minutes from a minimal and clean interface. Thanks to its simple approach, Active@ ISO Burner addresses both beginners and professional users.

Burning methods and supported discs

The application can work with CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and even Blu-ray discs which means it can burn ISO images on almost any support currently in existence.

There are multiple burning modes available, namely “Track-At-One,” “Session-At-Once,” “Disc-At-Once PQ” and “Disc-At-Once raw P-W”, yet also some dedicated options to choose the burning speed and the number of copies to be made.

View disc information and configure a few settings

When all the configurations are complete, all you have to do is hit the big 'Burn' button and the process of copying ISO images onto the loaded disc will begin.

Some information regarding the inserted CD, DVD or BD are detected and displayed in the main window, such as drive letter, free space, write and read speeds, and if it writable or erasable.

The 'Settings' menu offers you the possibility to configure the erase method for rewritable discs and also choose some burn (e.g. use test mode, perform buffer under protection etc.) and after-burn options (e.g. verify data, eject media, shut down PC).

Performance and conclusion

The amount of resources required is quite high when the burning process is under way, yet this is quite normal for this type of product. All tasks are completed in a timely fashion, without freezing or hanging.

To sum up, Active@ ISO Burner proves to enclose an efficient method of burning ISO images on the fly, without wasting too much time with unnecessary or too complex configurations.

Active@ ISO Burner was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 9th, 2014
Active@ ISO Burner - The main window of Active ISO Burner enables you to load the ISO that you want to burn.Active@ ISO Burner - The Options window lets you select the erase R-W media options or the burn options.

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