DAEMON Tools Pro (Standard / Advanced Version)

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One of the best products for optical media emulation providing advanced features to easily mount images and emulate CD, DVD and Blu-ray drives

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If you tried the Lite version of Daemon Tools and felt that you need a bit more features, you can move onto a more powerful solution, namely the Pro version. This edition comes with almost everything you’ll ever need when it comes to emulation, including the possibility to emulate HD DVD and Blu-ray drives.

Installation process

Installing this app is pretty simple, however extra care is required when selecting the components to be installed because Daemon Tools Pro includes some third-party code. In order to be able to fully enjoy the functions of this tool you will also have to reboot your computer.

Support for various formats and 32 virtual drives

Compared to the Lite version, the interface is similar but it also adds many more functions, so it has some extra goodies. The strong points of Daemon Tools Pro are the support for a wide variety of formats as well as the ability to create up to 32 virtual drives.

Image creation, burning tools and other handy features

Among the tools included in the package you will find disc image creation and burning utilities as well as conversion and image editing functions. The image catalog will enable you to easily organize and manage your discs for which you make virtual images.


Insofar as the resource consumption is concerned, the values are fairly decent as we noted during our tests. We managed to use Daemon Tools Pro with standard ISO files, Nero images (NRG), CUE, MDS and CDI (DiscJuggler images) and it should work just as well with BlindWrite and BlindRead images (b5t and b6t formats), CCD (CloneCD images), PDI (Instant CD/DVD images), ISZ (Compressed ISO images) and FLAC images.

A top disk management and emulation app on the market

Thanks to its extended set of features and given the well-known ease of use, the Pro flavor of Daemon Tools is one of the top choices for virtual disc management and emulation. The highlights are the extensive support for several types of image files and the fact that it allows you to have up to 32 of them loaded and ready to use at any time.

DAEMON Tools Pro (Standard / Advanced Version) was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on September 15th, 2015
DAEMON Tools Pro (Standard / Advanced Version) - DAEMON Tools Pro provides you with a reliable application for mounting images and creating virtual devices.DAEMON Tools Pro (Standard / Advanced Version) - You can create a disc image, mount the optical device and open it in Windows Explorer from the right-click menu.DAEMON Tools Pro (Standard / Advanced Version) - The DAEMON Tools Pro Image Editor is designed to help you alter the content of the selected image.DAEMON Tools Pro (Standard / Advanced Version) - screenshot #4DAEMON Tools Pro (Standard / Advanced Version) - screenshot #5DAEMON Tools Pro (Standard / Advanced Version) - screenshot #6DAEMON Tools Pro (Standard / Advanced Version) - screenshot #7DAEMON Tools Pro (Standard / Advanced Version) - screenshot #8DAEMON Tools Pro (Standard / Advanced Version) - screenshot #9DAEMON Tools Pro (Standard / Advanced Version) - screenshot #10

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