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Powerful piece of software that helps you emulate and create virtual CD/DVDs that may contain games, movies, audio or software, while offering support for different formats, such as BIN, CIF, NRG, IMG/CCD, MDF/MDS and VCD

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The use of virtual CD/DVD drives is more comfortable than the classic CD-ROM approach, because it simply offers users more flexibility. Virtual images can be accessed and managed via a wide range of emulators that allow you to mount them as if you inserted a CD/DVD disc in your CD/DVD-ROM.

One of the most popular software applications that deals with virtual images is Daemon Tools, quickly followed by MagicDisc Virtual DVD / CD-ROM. The latter comes at no cost and provides the means to emulate and create virtual CD/DVDs that may contain games, movies, audio or software.

Smooth installation

The installation process is not rocket science, so beginners need not worry. Deployment ends with an icon placed in the system tray, from where users can access all of the functions that the software utility brings to the table.

Supported virtual images

The list of supported virtual images includes the following: BIN, CIF, NRG, IMG/CCD, MDF/MDS, VCD, VDI, C2D, CDI, TAO/DAO to name the most important ones. Usage comes down to a simple routine: first, set the number of virtual drives that you need (the upper limit is 15) and then start mounting the images one by one.

Create encrypted ISO images

If you choose to make an ISO image, you can also equip it with a password for safe-keeping. In addition, you can compress ISO files to UIF images, and the other way around. The Options sub-menu allows you to enable or disable auto mount and auto verify.

If you have any questions or doubts related to how to use MagicDisc, then feel free to check out the ‘How To’ menu for additional information.

An overall efficient app

All in all, MagicDisc Virtual DVD/CD-ROM is a great alternative to paid software. It allows you to play games or watch movies stored in ISO format (or other similar ones), and also create Windows bootable discs.

MagicDisc Virtual DVD / CD-ROM was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 1st, 2014
MagicDisc Virtual DVD / CD-ROM - MagicDisc Virtual DVD / CD-ROM will help you emulate audio, data, and game CDs and DVDs with ISO image, CD and DVD imagesMagicDisc Virtual DVD / CD-ROM - The Virtual DVD / CD-ROM selection menu will provide users with a list of options like Mount / Unmount or Edit / Burn CD/DVD ImageMagicDisc Virtual DVD / CD-ROM - Users will be able to access settings such as Automount or Autoverify within the Options selection menuMagicDisc Virtual DVD / CD-ROM - screenshot #4MagicDisc Virtual DVD / CD-ROM - screenshot #5MagicDisc Virtual DVD / CD-ROM - screenshot #6MagicDisc Virtual DVD / CD-ROM - screenshot #7

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