Virtual CloneDrive

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User-friendly and powerful application that helps you mount and unmount images while offering support for most formats on the market, including ISO, BIN, IMG, UDF, DVD and CCD

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Virtual CloneDrive doesn't help you create CD or DVD copies, instead it has the ability to create a virtual drive, so that you can easily mount images and browse the files contained in such images without too much effort.

Make file associations

The program acts just like any other physical DVD drive, but the main difference is that you can easily insert a 'disc' by double clicking on the image file stored on your computer. This is possible if you choose to associate Virtual CloneDrive with the supported format files.

Create up to 15 virtual drives on your system

There are only a few options to configure, which emphasizes the fact that the whole application relies on simplicity. With this tool you'll be able to create up to 15 virtual drives on your computer. It takes a while until all of them are set up, but still, this is quite a feature if you work with virtual disc images all the time.

Supported file formats

Virtual CloneDrive supports most formats on the market, including ISO, BIN, IMG, UDF, DVD and CCD. On top of that, it gives the user the possibility to unmount an image using just a single right click. To further ease the operation, all drives created by Virtual CloneDrive bear the application icon for an easier identification.

Conclusion and final thought

As we found out during our tests, Virtual CloneDrive works a treat and handles the images cleanly. The emulation of several drives is done quickly enough and the simplicity as well as the ease of use make it a great addition to anyone's tool belt.

Virtual CloneDrive was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 21st, 2015
Virtual CloneDrive - Virtual CloneDrive will help you quickly and easily emulate your computer's CD/DVD-ROM driveVirtual CloneDrive - The Settings panel of the application will provide users with mounted images history or automount last image optionsVirtual CloneDrive - Users will be able to choose from as many as fifteen virtual drives in order to match their preferences

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