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A simple tool that comes packed with basic features for helping you place an analogue clock on your screen with skin support and alarm tools

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Alwact Clock is a lightweight Windows analog desktop clock that comes with skin support and alarm tools.

Simple looks

With a dedicated option to also show date right in the main window, Alwact Clock boasts a rather simple interface which can be easily customized by any user thanks to the built-in skin support.

Since it packs only a few features, Alwact Clock is all about simplicity, but it still boasts some nice customization options to better fit any desktop.

Choose between different skins

First of all, the skin support. Alwact Clock comes with several integrated skins, so you can easily switch to a new look by right clicking the main window or by using the left and the right arrows on your keyboard.

What's more, Alwact Clock also gives you the power to adjust opacity, which can be either set up from the same right click menu or using the up and down keys.

Set up alarms

The built-in alarm tool is just basic and comes with a few options to set up desired time, configure snooze and the sound to be played at the user-defined time.


Since it's supposed to perform such a simple task, but also thanks to the fact that it's all such a basic application, Alwact Clock runs on low resources and doesn't affect computer performance at all.

Bottom line

Overall, Alwact Clock is a simple desktop clock that comes with some nice customization options. Still, it needs a bunch of updates, such as the possibility to add new skins, more configuration tools and a much more advanced alarm utility to enable you perform certain actions at the defined time.

Alwact Clock was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 8th, 2014
Alwact Clock - This is how Alwact Clock will appear on your desktop when it's opened.Alwact Clock - You can customize the application with the help of the menu that it has, from opacity to skin.Alwact Clock - You can set  Alwact Clock to have an alarm so that you can always remember the important things.

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