PNG Package Deluxe

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This collection contains a wide range of PNG high-quality icons that can be used and modified with ease for files, folders, apps, and others

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PNG Package Deluxe represents a collection of 300 high-quality icons with various themes, each having the PNG format. They can be applied to files, folders, applications and web utilities, catering to all types of users.

After a brief and uneventful setup procedure that does not require special attention, PNG Package Deluxe creates a shortcut on the desktop to the icon-containing directory.

You can find multipurpose images, such as 3D, add item, AVI, balloon, banned user, web browser, monitor, mouse, time and date, update, traffic light, Vista letter, webcam, Winamp, and Vista disk defragmenter, to name but a few.

Most of the icons have a 128x128 resolution, and their size ranges from 5KB to 31KB, so they occupy insignificant space on the hard disk. It is possible to edit pictures (e.g. to ready sizes for particular platforms) using specialized tools, such as Greenfish Icon Editor Pro.

Unlike other icon packages, PNG Package Deluxe comes with a built-in uninstaller that leaves the hard disk squeaky clean after the tool has been removed.

To sum it up, PNG Package Deluxe definitely makes a strong impression regarding high-quality icon images, thanks to the wide range of files it provides, and it should please all types of users.

PNG Package Deluxe was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 21st, 2013
PNG Package Deluxe - PNG Package Deluxe contains a wide range of icons that can be used and modified with ease by any user.

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