Actual File Folders

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A comprehensive enhancement for your Windows operating system that enables you to easily and quickly access folders from your computer






Actual File Folders is an application created to help you navigate to favorite and recent folders by creating two new icons in your explorer windows.

The the list of favorite folders can be customized to lead to any directory on your system, no matter the path and you can set the history level of the application.
Last updated on September 22nd, 2015
Actual File Folders - Actual File Folders adds two new buttons to your windows which you can use to access favorite or recent folders.Actual File Folders - From the Favorite Folders section, you are able to add specific folders paths that will be added to the quick access menu.Actual File Folders - Users can view a log of recently visited folders and change the history depth value by accessing the Recent Folders section.Actual File Folders - screenshot #4Actual File Folders - screenshot #5Actual File Folders - screenshot #6