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An application that retrieves information about the weather conditions in your location and changes the color of your theme depending on the temperature

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AeroWeather is Windows freebie that can change the color of the Aero user interface according to local weather temperature.

Since it was designed to work with the Aero interface, AeroWeather perfectly integrates into Windows Vista and 7, placing an icon in the System Tray to provide one-click access to all of its options.

What’s more, moving the mouse cursor over the Tray icon shows the current weather conditions, but a dedicated option to show temperature instead of conditions would come in very handy.

The app however allows you to change the location by typing in a city name or a zip code, change the color temperature range and set the Aero color based either on temperature or conditions.

A so-called “night mode” is also available in order to dim the Aero colors at night automatically.

AeroWeather is the kind of app that can help a lot in case you’re the kind of user who likes to tweak the Windows GUI as much as possible.

It can for example turn the Windows colors to grey if it’s cloudy, blue if it’s shiny, white if it’s snowing or red in case the maximum temperature reaches the maximum defined value.

The app doesn’t affect system performance in any way and quietly sits in the Tray. It can be used only on Windows Vista and Windows 7 with the Aero UI turned on.

Overall, AeroWeather is quite an interesting project, but certain improvements are still needed. The essential options are already there so some enhancements here and there could only make it better.

AeroWeather was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on June 8th, 2014
AeroWeather - The application stays in the tray and displays the current temperature, as well as the time of the last received update.AeroWeather - You can choose the location, temperature range and view the colors by accessing the Configuration window.

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