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Customize your desktop with desklets

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Windows Vista introduced the support for sidebar gadgets, and this innovation opened the road for numerous developers to experiment with desktop widgets. AveDesk is such an application that enhances one’s desktop with so-called desklets, which are in fact mini-apps with varied functions.

Users can create several desklet lists, and switch them depending on the project they are currently working on. For example, sometimes they might need sticky notes, a calculator, a text-to-speech app or a translation client, whereas other times an FTP manager might be more suitable for their needs.

Be default, AveDesk contains a collection of desklets which come in handy for a wide range of functions, yet tech-savvy users can create their own custom desklets to meet their precise requirements as the software solution also provides an SDK (Software Development Kit).

In addition to bringing new functions to the desktop, AveDesk can also be highly customized to make sure it blends in smoothly with the installed OS theme. The desklets’ and the application’s icons can be replaced with custom ones, and the tray icon can be animated to make it more appealing.

Moreover, the location and dimension of each desklet can be adjusted with ease, to make sure they are not intrusive to users and that they do not interfere with other running programs; their title and effects can also be changed, depending on the preferences of each person. All the active apps can be managed from the dedicated Control Panel.

All in all, AveDesk can prove to a valuable addition to one’s desktop, especially they often need several tools when working on their PC, but they do not want a lot of icons in the taskbar. The application supports multi-monitor environments, so users can still enjoy their extended desktop space.

Avedesk was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on February 19th, 2013
Avedesk - You can access and use all the application's desklets directly from your desktop.Avedesk - From the right click context menu you can duplicate, lock or close a desklet.Avedesk - You can quickly change the appearance, label and various other settings from the Desklet Properties window.AvedeskAvedeskAvedeskAvedeskAvedeskAvedeskAvedeskAvedeskAvedeskAvedeskAvedeskAvedeskAvedeskAvedesk

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