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An intuitive application which monitors the clipboard and seamlessly executes programs depending on the clipboard's text content

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The default clipboard of Windows has a lot of advantages, as it is flexible enough to be shared with other applications or to retain any information copied. The most noticeable disadvantage is the fact that it can retain only the last information you copied.

This can be fixed and improved using ClipMon. The application allows you to store all the data copied into the clipboard, or launch your default applications for certain information, such as hyperlinks, paths or emails. In order to properly work, you need to have .Net Framework installed on your computer.

Fast and easy to use clipboard enhancement tool

The program can enhance the basic functionality of the Windows default clipboard, by tracking and logging all the data copied. Aside from this, it offers you the possibility to launch certain applications, depending on the content copied.

For example, it will open your default browser for copied hyperlinks, Windows Explorer for file paths or your default email client for such addresses.

Dependable clipboard monitor that logs copied content

ClipMon can save the history of all the data you copied, so that you have instant access anytime later. This is a handy feature, as the default clipboard saves only the last copied content, so reusing other texts require you to manually copy them again.

The application is flexible enough to be used on any computer, as it requires no installation and it runs in System Tray. This way, you are not interrupted while working.

An intuitive and powerful clipboard content manager

To sum it up, ClipMon can expand the functionality of your built-in clipboard, by allowing you to use previously copied content or launch certain applications depending on the saved data, such as hyperlinks, folder paths or email addresses.

ClipMon was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 11th, 2014
ClipMon - ClipMon allows you to quickly access content copied on your clipboard while running in System Tray.ClipMon - You can instantly open paths copied on your clipboard, as the application displays an access button.ClipMon - Hyperlinks copied in your clipboard are detected by the application, allowing you to open them in your default browser.ClipMon - screenshot #4

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