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A simple application whose main function is to increase your work productivity by allowing you to keep several bits of text copied to clipboard

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ClipText is a user-friendly software solution whose main purpose is to help you with your regular data entry tasks, by enabling you to copy to clipboard several bits of text, which can be pasted into the proper fields with ease, without having to switch back and forth between numerous windows or programs.

The application is fairly simple to understand and work with. It runs minimized in the notification area, letting you can access it easily when you need to, but without interfering with your normal activities.

By right clicking its icon, you can view ClipText's main window, while left-clicking it enables you to reveal the context menu which lets you instantly copy to clipboard one of the entries you added in the past, by pressing on the corresponding title, so you can then paste them in the proper field.

In the main window of the application, you can view the current clipboard entries, which can be as many as 48, each holding up to 4 KB of data (around 900 words). When adding a new record, you also have to give it a title, making it easily identifiable amongst all others in the system tray menu. Moreover, ClipText enables you to run it automatically at Windows startup, so you do not have to worry about launching it every time, it will just be there when you need to use it.

To conclude, ClipText is a helpful tool that can increase your work productivity by allowing you to swiftly copy and paste pieces of text, sparing you from having to shuffle around countless windows and documents to get the job done.

ClipText was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 7th, 2014
ClipText - ClipText is a simple utility that helps you store multiple bits of text to clipboard, so you can use them whenever you needClipText - For each entry, you can add a title which will allow you to copy and paste it into other windows fasterClipText - The program runs minimized in the notification area so it can be accessed at any time, while not interfering with your workClipText

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