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Manage, save and restore the icon layout of your desktop using this handy utility that allows multiple users to have different workspace arrangements

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DesktopOK is a very handy piece of software that saves and restore the positions of all desktop icons, providing a few other extra tools to enhance the whole process.

The main window groups all features you need to quickly save a desktop layout, but if you're an advanced user and you wish to step further into more advanced configuration options, DesktopOK can please you too.

Besides the fact that you can save and restore icons position on the go, clicking on “Options” lets you enable auto-saving and tweak save settings. As a result, you can use the work area or the screen resolution as name and define the maximum number of layouts to be saved.

What's more, DesktopOK can be configured to save the desktop layout before Windows shutdown and restore the original position before Windows startup.

One of the tools that don't make much sense is the so-called “Punch the Icons” tool that picks a random position for any icon on the desktop. While it can hardly be found useful, this particular feature does nothing more than to scramble desktop icons.

On the good side however, DesktopOK automatically saves the original layout, allowing you to easily revert to the default settings.

DesktopOK works just fine on all Windows versions, and even if it places an icon in the Windows System Tray, it remains very friendly with hardware resources all the time.

All in all, DesktopOK is clearly a handy tool, especially in case you change display resolutions on a regular basis. This way, every single user can have his very own layout, with minimum configuration options and a very intuitive interface.

DesktopOK was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 21st, 2015
DesktopOK - DesktopOK's main window allows you to save, restore and delete the icon layout of your desktop.DesktopOK - You can save your layout using the DOK format and display information like the date and resolution in the filename.DesktopOK - The Tools menu allows you to hide the cursor and icons after a certain period of time, as well as arrange the windows on your desktop.DesktopOK - screenshot #4DesktopOK - screenshot #5

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