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An animated wallpaper that aims to bring the beauty of the Indonesian volcanoes to your computer monitor, complete with sound effects

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Stunning nature landscapes can take your mind off work-related problems and interrupt your daily routine with brief moments of relaxation.

The easiest way you can achieve this is through a screensaver, but you are only able to enjoy those when you are not actively using the computer.

Fully-animated wallpaper with included sound effects

Indonesia Volcano offers you an alternative solution through this animated wallpaper that is constantly visible on your desktop, regardless of what you are working on. The landscape depicts an Indonesian volcano called Mount Bromo in the center of the image, while the rest of the picture is completed by surrounding mountains and lush forests.

The sky is also animated, with passing clouds and flying birds that continuously move around the image to create a nice-looking realistic effect for the overall scene. In addition, sounds are available to further immerse yourself into the landscape. The audio volume can be adjusted using the integrated slider, in case you find it too distracting.

Choose the preferred picture position and hide the desktop icons

In order to fully enjoy the beauty of the scene, Indonesia Volcano enables you to properly fit the image on your monitor screen and obtain the best possible quality. You can choose between the fill, fit or stretch and you can also completely hide the desktop icons, if you want to concentrate on the image alone.

Although the pictures used cannot be classified as being high-quality and the animation effects offer nothing out of the ordinary, the application substantially slows your system down, while also applying a rather annoying blur effect on the desktop icons and damaging the text clarity. The available "Icon smoothing" option barely brings any improvement on the matter.


Indonesia Volcano's best quality is the actual landscape image, although even that fails to preserve its quality at higher resolutions. As for the application itself, it cannot be used along anything else without substantial delays and reduced response times from every other running process, which excludes the possibility of using it on your day-to-day use computer.

Indonesia Volcano was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 25th, 2014
Indonesia Volcano - The wallpaper depicts a volcano animation, complete with smoke effects and moving clouds.Indonesia Volcano - You can change the picture position and reach the Settings window by accessing the tray menu.Indonesia Volcano - The Settings window enables you to modify the execution priority and control the sound volume.

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