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Jiggle the mouse pointer back and forth

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Screensavers might be a fun way to put your PC at work when you are not actually using it. However, sometimes, when you might want to watch a video or a full-length movie, a stubborn screensaver keeps launching if you do not move the mouse for as little as a minute. In this case Mouse Jiggler can come in handy.

Mouse Jiggler is a tiny application that was created with a single purpose in mind, namely to simulate mouse movements even if you are not at the PC.

Basically, you simply need to activate the software utility and mind you own business. As soon as it detects that you have not moved your mouse cursor for about a second, it automatically starts moving the pointer back and forth.

The great advantage of Mouse Jiggler is that it does not disturb you from work in any way - you can still use the keyboard and write your projects, as the app does not change the window focus in any way.

Furthermore, if you need to move the cursor to launch a new program, minimize a window, open a document or perform any other action, Mouse Jiggler will not prevent you in any way - you still have complete control over your mouse.

In addition, once activated, Mouse Jiggler gets minimized to the system tray, so it is not displayed in the taskbar, thus distracting you from your other running apps.

In a nutshell, Mouse Jiggler is an intuitive tool that was created to perform a single task and it does that without being intrusive in any way. It discreetly moves the mouse cursor when you are not using it, thus preventing screensavers from launching and disrupting you from work or movie playback.

Mouse Jiggler was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on August 26th, 2013
Mouse Jiggler - The main window of Mouse Jiggler where you can jiggle the mouse pointer back and forth

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