Mouse Recorder Pro 2

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An easy to use piece of software that can record your mouse and keyboard movements allowing you to repeat or modify your operations

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Mouse Recorder Pro is one advanced solution designed to record the activity of your mouse and keyboard and then playback the exact same movements without user interaction.

The application is designed to address both beginners and professional users, so if you choose to try it, you'll get to meet a simple interface that provides instant access to its main functions.

The main window holds buttons for starting a new project, recording or playing a script, as well as saving or loading one. Plus, the software enables you to set the number of times the script you create will play back and also choose the preferred speed setting, all from the 'Advanced Options' window.

One of the things that are worth mentioning is the fact that Mouse Recorder Pro also comes with a toolbar that is set to auto hide and pops out from the top of the screen to guide you through the whole process of capturing the screen activity.

Mouse Recorder Pro is one of the easiest to use applications of its kind, as we found out during our tests. Also, it remains impressively light on computer resources all the time, while displaying all events performed by the user and included in the recorded script.

All in all, Mouse Recorder Pro is a tool that can definitely get the job done with no fuss and thanks to the great ease of use and minimal configurations required it may very well become a favorite software for all users.

Mouse Recorder Pro 2 was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on June 25th, 2014
Mouse Recorder Pro 2 - The application allows you to record your mouse and keyboard movements to keep track of your operationsMouse Recorder Pro 2 - The File menu enables you to create, save or open projects, as well as access your scriptsMouse Recorder Pro 2 - Scripts can be recorded and played immediately, from the beginning or from the last stop pointMouse Recorder Pro 2 - From the Tools menu you can manage plugins, filter events and restore default values, as well as access the MRP editor or calendarMouse Recorder Pro 2 - Mouse Recorder Pro enables you to play scripts in a specified period and change how many times they will be replayedMouse Recorder Pro 2 - screenshot #6Mouse Recorder Pro 2 - screenshot #7Mouse Recorder Pro 2 - screenshot #8Mouse Recorder Pro 2 - screenshot #9Mouse Recorder Pro 2 - screenshot #10Mouse Recorder Pro 2 - screenshot #11Mouse Recorder Pro 2 - screenshot #12Mouse Recorder Pro 2 - screenshot #13

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