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Organize the space on your desktop efficiently by arranging windows into configurable slots based on window title, while allowing drag-and-drop swapping of windows between slots

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PlaceMint is a lightweight desktop enhancement program that can be installed on all Windows flavors out there in order to help you arrange windows into defined slots based on window title.

Portable program

The portable running mode makes this tool an ideal candidate for being stored on USB flash drives or other portable devices. There’s no installation setup included in the process, so you can gain access to the program’s GUI by running the executable file.

User interface

The main window looks intuitive and clean but the configuration panel is not user-friendly so you may need extra time to decode its features. A help manual is not included in the package, so experimenting with the built-in features is your only chance in order to understand how the tool works.

Create window groups

PlaceMint gives you the possibility to set up multiple window groups, which can be saved in the main panel of the program or exported to XML file format. Groups may be edited, removed or cloned.

A new slot can be configured by providing information about the group title, enabling several options (size, move, maximize, minimize), and specifying details about the title and class regular expressions. Windows can be swapped between slots by hotkey or mouse.

What’s more, each slot can have its own size and location. You can assign hotkeys for activating several options, such as show, restore, minimize, or maximize. Details about a window, namely title, class, size and location are automatically retrieved using the built-in window grabber.

Tests have shown that PlaceMint carries out a task quickly without putting a strain on your computer resources, so the overall performance of your system is not burdened.

Bottom line

All things considered, PlaceMint comes with a lot of configuration settings for helping you organize the space on your desktop efficiently.

PlaceMint was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on March 17th, 2015
PlaceMint - You can use the main window of the application to access all the menus and features.PlaceMint - The Tools menu included in the software allows you to access the Configure and Options window.PlaceMint - This is how you can use the Configure Window Groups window to edit or create groups.PlaceMint - screenshot #4PlaceMint - screenshot #5PlaceMint - screenshot #6PlaceMint - screenshot #7

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