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Shock Desktop is an utility that will allow you to save and/or recover desktop icon locations

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Shock Desktop is a lightweight freeware Windows tool that can save and recover the position of every single icon on your desktop.

The application lets you create separate profiles for each desktop layout, while also providing a set of customization options to tweak the desktop look.

By default, Shock Desktop automatically hides the desktop icons label, but in case this particular feature doesn’t fit your desktop, it’s enough to right-click the System Tray icon and disable it.

Additionally, you can hide the desktop icons completely or even choose from the many predefined layouts, which include circles, hearts, stars and various shapes that could be made of your desktop icons.

The application works like a charm regardless of the Windows version running on your system, remaining very friendly with hardware resources all the time.

Especially useful if you change resolutions on a regular basis and thus you lose the desktop layout, Shock Desktop also boasts a basic options menu with settings concerning the layout speed and the hotkey supposed to launch the program.

All in all, Shock Desktop is a tool that serves its purpose and doesn’t slow down the system at all. It provides only the basic tools to help you save the desktop icons layout and nothing more.

An online help section is also available via the tray menu, but this didn’t work during our test, so you have no other option than to search the Internet in case assistance is needed on one of the built-in features.

Shock Desktop was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 17th, 2012
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