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A lightweight application designed to help you decorate your desktop with the symbols of the Winter Olympic Games taking place at Sochi

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Socher 2014 is a fun and user-friendly piece of software meant to help you keep the spirit of the Winter Olympic Games alive on your desktop, by displaying its various logos on your screen.

The program is very easy to install, featuring no noteworthy events. It starts automatically in the notification area, where you can access it and adjust its configuration.

Once you launch Socher 2014, the 'Polar Bear' logo of the Sochi Olympics will appear on your desktop, allowing you to move it to any part of your screen, running as 'Always On Top', so you never lose sight of it. When it interferes with your work, you can simple use the 'Show / Hide' option from the right-click menu.

The application features two sizes of logos, small and large, so you can pick the one that best fits your needs from the context menu, by selecting the 'Change Images' option. Similarly, you can choose from the various other alternatives, such as 'The Hare', 'The Leopard', 'The Snowflake and the Ray of Light', 'Zoich', the 'Olympics Game Logo' or the 'Sochi Logo', whichever you prefer.

Moreover, Socher 2014 enables you to use an image from your computer, PNG or GIF (including animations), and display it on your desktop at all times, which means you can very well continue using it after the Olympics have passed, but with your favorite pictures. Optionally, the utility can run at Windows startup, meaning you do not need to worry about launching it every time you use your PC.

To summarize, Socher 2014 is an entertaining tool that aims to keep you excited about the Sochi Olympics, by allowing you to constantly view the Games' logos on your screen and enjoy them.

Socher 2014 was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 8th, 2014
Socher 2014 - Socher is a simple application that can display various logos representing the Sochi Winter OlympicsSocher 2014 - From the context menu of the utility, you can change the image it displays on your screen or hide itSocher 2014 - The Change Picture allows you to choose your favorite logo and preview it before displaying itSocher 2014 - screenshot #4

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