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This software application is a Windows Keyboard Remapper and Hot Key tool




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This is a Windows Keyboard Remapper and Hot Key tool.

The remapping and hot keys work in virtually all Windows applications. Now you can have quick and easy access to the complete ANSI character set in all your programs using the same mechanism. No more need for using the ALT and Keypad sequences or choosing a menu option to bring up a list of symbols and searching for the correct one in the list.

Here are some key features of "SwapKeys":

Keys that can be remapped (changed):
· lower Case "A" through "Z"
· upper Case (Shifted) "A" through "Z"
· numerics "0" through "9"
· 32 Punctuation Keys (period, asterisk, etc)

Keys that can be assigned to remapped key
· The standard Windows ANSI character set including:
· normal ASCII characters including A through Z, a through z, 0 through 9 and numerous punctuation keys such as . , * # ! and dozens more
· Western European Language characters including · and dozens more
· Western European Language punctuation such as
· math Symbols such as
· currency Symbols such as $
· typographical Symbols such as
· legal Symbols such as
· and a variety of others found in the ANSI set including some of the following

Keys that can be used in a Hot Key
· Each of the listed keys can be used in conjunction with CTRL, ALT, WIN, CTRL+WIN, ALT+WIN, CTRL+ALT and ALT+SHIFT keys:
· letters "A" through "Z"
· numerics "0" through "9"
· F1 - F12 Keys
· edit Keys (Insert, Backspace, Home, etc)
· punctuation Keys (period, comma, etc)

Keys that can be assigned to a Hot Key
· the standard Windows ANSI character set including all those listed in the remapping list above.
· function Keys F1 - F12
· edit Keys (Insert, Home, Left Arrow, etc)
· numeric Keypad Keys
· miscellaneous Keys (Enter, Tab, Pause, etc)
· non Standard Keyboard Keys (F13 - F24, PA1, etc)


· 30 days trial.
Last updated on May 6th, 2006
SwapKeys - The main window of the software application shows the keyboard remapper and also allows you to view the Keyboard Hot Keys.SwapKeys - You can have different key mappings which you can load when you need to. The File menu lets you print the mapping guide.SwapKeys - This is the options menu of the software application lets you customize the application's behavior.

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