Windows 7 Show Desktop Button Remover

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Tiny, portable and straightforward app that removes the "Show Desktop" button from your taskbar in Windows 7, featuring the option to restore it

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Windows 7 Show Desktop Button Remover is a tiny, portable and straightforward software utility with a clearly defined purpose: it removes the "Show Desktop" button from the taskbar in Windows 7, in case you never use it and even becomes a nuisance when trying to tinker with system tray tools or the system clock (e.g. accidentally clicking it).

Portability perks

Since there is no installation involved, you can put the executable file in any part of the hard disk and click it to immediately run the tool.

There is also the option to save a copy of Windows 7 Show Desktop Button Remover to a USB flash disk or other mass storage device, to be able to directly run it on any PC seamlessly, without installing anything beforehand.

An important aspect to take into account is that the utility does not alter Windows registry settings or create additional files on the hard disk, leaving it clean after removal.

Clear-cut interface and options

The GUI is represented by a small window with a simplistic structure that shows two buttons for removing the "Show Desktop" button and putting it back again. This frame stays on top of other windows.

Triggering an option immediately applies the new change without having to restart the computer, as can be noticed from the lower right corner of the screen. Even after exiting the tool, the button remains hidden, so make sure to keep a backup somewhere.


As expected, the tool leaves a minimal footprint on system resources, using low CPU and RAM. A task is carried out rapidly. We have not come across any issues, since Windows 7 Show Desktop Button Remover did not hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. All in all, it serves its purpose.

Windows 7 Show Desktop Button Remover was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on June 11th, 2014
Windows 7 Show Desktop Button Remover - From the main window you can easily remove the Destkop Button from the right side of your taskbar.