Bewitching Tropics

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Bring the beauty of the tropics to your computer screen using this nicely animated screensaver that features beautiful nature landscapes

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Working all day on the computer can neutralize your ability to appreciate nature with all of its great lakes and deep jungles, since they are out of your reach when your eyes gaze into the monitor a few hours a day.

Bewitching Tropics offers an alternative for this inconvenience through the beautifully animated screensaver that displays animated scenes of exotic landscapes and glittering lakes.

Immerse yourself in the scenery

Flying birds and buzzing insects populate the tall forests that share the land with the surrounding rivers and lakes. You can watch them fly around playfully, or stare at the night sky to spot the falling stars and traveling clouds.

Bewitching Tropics offers a sequence of images that automatically switch between them every couple of minutes to deliver a different landscape and new things to discover.

Change the size and the quality of the image

If you are not satisfied with the render quality of the screensaver, you can visit the Options window and modify it according to your needs. The background color can also be changed, in case the image size is smaller than the screen resolution and you are left with blank space around it.

There is also the possibility to modify the events that signal the screensaver to close. You can set it to terminate if it detects a mouse click or a button press on the keyboard. If you really do not want to disable the application by mistake, you have the option to close it using the Escape key only.


Those of you who spend most of their day at the office in front of a computer screen would be grateful to catch a glimpse of something that is not made out of concrete or plastic. Bewitching Tropics brings the tropical paradise wherever you are and it gives you the opportunity to forget, at least for a while, that you are far away from the beauty of nature. The application also displays a clock on the screen, so you do not lose the track of time when you have limited amounts of it.

Bewitching Tropics was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on May 16th, 2014
Bewitching Tropics - The screensaver displays tropical scenes depicting trees, wild animals and clear lakes.Bewitching Tropics - You can shuffle the play sequence order and adjust the Flash quality from the Options tab.Bewitching Tropics - The Exit Conditions tab enables you to change the events that cause the screensaver to close.