Islamic Miracle screensaver

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A simple to use Islamic screensaver for your personal computer.

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Islamic Miracle screensaver is a desktop enhancement that allows you to contemplate images related with the Islamic religion on your monitor while your computer is idle. The images included in this screensaver depict Islamic symbols captured all over the world.

The images create a slideshow that allows you to change the time interval used for displaying each image. Certain images include a text message that explains the meaning of the sign and you need to adjust the time interval in order to understand it.

You can prevent the mouse and the keyboard from interrupting the slideshow in order to display it for a longer time. The presentation can be customized by changing the order of the images and the font used for the image captions.

The screensaver uses random transition effects in order to change the displayed image. Unfortunately, you cannot change the effect or apply a certain effect to one of the images from the set.

If you use a high resolution monitor, you can enlarge the image in order to occupy the entire display area. However, the quality on the image might not improve by using this feature. The tile option allows you to view multiple instances of the image but it can distract you from the main message.

Unfortunately, the number of images included in the screensaver is rather limited and it does not allow you to change them or to add others. This feature could improve the effect of the slideshow on the viewer.

Islamic Miracle screensaver was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on July 19th, 2012
Islamic Miracle screensaver - This is a sample of how your screen saver will look on your desktop.Islamic Miracle screensaver - From the General tab, the user will be able to disable key press to restore the screen.Islamic Miracle screensaver - By accessing the Image tab, the user can easily choose the display interval time.