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The Ultimate Virtual Saltwater Aquarium

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Marine Aquarium is a Windows screensaver that creates a virtual aquarium on your screen, offering an impressive array of customization options at the same time.

Although most of these screensavers come with just a few options, Marine Aquarium bundles a wide array of settings, allowing users to adjust its behavior.

Just like all the other screensavers, Marine Aquarium can be accessed via the Windows screensaver menu, while the configuration screen can be loaded with the help of the adjacent “Settings” button.

User can customize basically everything, including display and program settings, fish options and the music playlist.

While the display configuration screen enables you to choose the display mode for the installed video adapter, the program settings menu provides access to options such as auto-pan, bubble column, music and bubble sound.

Users can add a total of 30 fish in the aquarium, with the possibility to customize their characteristics via the dedicated menu in the settings screen.

As said, Marine Aquarium also comprises music features, which means users have the power to choose their very own music as background while the screensaver is active.

Although it uses 3D rendering hardware and it even comes with multi-monitor support, Marine Aquarium runs on low computer resources, but it may affect the overall performance of older systems.

But it still remains an eye-candy screensaver, that's for sure. Although some of the users may think that it's too expensive for a screensaver, we're still recommending that you give it a try and see what it's up to.

Marine Aquarium was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on February 13th, 2013
Marine Aquarium - This is how Marine Aquarium will enable you to watch numerous fish right on your screen.Marine Aquarium - The Settings window is the place where you can choose the type of configuration you want to modify.Marine Aquarium - The Program Settings window will allow you to adjust the speed level and the music volume.Marine Aquarium - Marine Aquarium will offer you the possibility to choose the type and the number of the displayed fish.