Sweethearts 3D Screensaver

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Great screensaver with two heart-shaped balloons flying in the rays of sunshine.




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Haven't you ever wanted to possess something that could work as a symbol of your love and strongest affection to the other person? Something that would be always within an easy reach and could any time just upon your mere glimpse conjure the sweet image of your second half up in your mind. Sweethearts 3D Screensaver can do that for you! It cannot be lost or simply broken like the majority of other standard things which are most commonly used to symbolize people's affection to each other. You can realize that this screenvsaer is one of the best ways to add some romance to your boring computer desktop.

With the launch of Sweethearts 3D Screensaver two red and glossy heart-shaped balloons will appear on the screen. Both balloons can be easily decorated with your names in a beautiful handwritten text. So, from now on you can be actually tied to the object of your affection and be always virtually together, disregarding the real distance lying between you and your love at the moment. Swaying on the waves of light summer wind, the balloons are captured in a fantastic whirl of flowers and butterflies. All your senses are getting warmed with caressing rays of sunshine occasionally getting through between the balloons. Now you can easily smell the aroma of vanilla, cinnamon and brown sugar altogether symbolizing the depth and sweetness of your affection.

Beautiful in every detail motion picture, smart graphics and high-quality effects will let you plunge into the atmosphere of romance. Your impression will be completed with the original Sweethearts 3D Screensaver music track, or otherwise, you may choose your own favorite piece of music from your personal library.


■ P-II 500
■ 16 MB
■ 3D accelerated video card


■ Nag screen after 90 seconds
Last updated on February 7th, 2008
Sweethearts 3D Screensaver - This window will enable you to change the standard settings of the screensaver to suit your preferences.Sweethearts 3D Screensaver - This is a preview of the image that will be displayed on your screen, spreading romance and joy all around.