Vista Screensaver Ported to XP (Patched)

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Brings to your desktop the screensavers you could only see in Vista

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If you are one of the users of Windows XP that are constantly on the lookout for enhancements for your operating system, then Vista Screensaver Ported to XP might be of interest to you. It is a screensaver pack that allows you to enjoy four Windows Vista animated screen-savers on your XP OS.

The collection is comprised of Aurora, Bubbles, Mistify and Ribbons screen-savers, some of the most popular desktop protection animations.

“Aurora” imitates the Aurora Borealis effect visible over the North Pole, creating an animated spectral glow on your desktop. “Bubbles” is a collection of soap bubbles bouncing on your desktop, using a snapshot of your workspace as background.

With “Mistify” you get a 3D show of vividly colored lines and shapes moving around. And finally, “Ribbons” displays a set of colorful ribbon like traces, offering an amazingly graceful show.

The screen-savers are easy to install. You can either copy them to C:\WINDOWS\system32 or right-click on each of them and select the install option. This should be enough. We tested them on Windows XP SP3 and everything worked without any setbacks.

If you want to personalize them, you can find useful information in each of the Readme files in the pack, but in order to do that you must tamper with the system registry. So only do that if you are comfortable with editing your registry and have some experience doing it; also, make a backup copy first.

As an example, for “Bubbles” you can enable or disable multiple monitor spanning support, set the turbulence speed, force or number of octaves and adjust the sphere density or radius.

For “Aurora” you can set the number of layers, brightness level, speed or amplitude. With “Ribbons”, you can change the number of ribbons, the ribbon width, enable blurring or spanning across multiple monitors.

So if you want more animation added to your desktop, give Vista Screensaver Ported to XP a chance!

Vista Screensaver Ported to XP (Patched) was reviewed by Ciprian Paius
Last updated on January 10th, 2012
Vista Screensaver Ported to XP (Patched)Vista Screensaver Ported to XP (Patched)Vista Screensaver Ported to XP (Patched)