3D Motion Windows 7 Theme

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Several images of liquid in motion for your desktop

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Customizing the way your computer looks generally starts with the wallpaper and screensaver. 3D Motion Windows 7 Theme is a nice-looking pack of wallpapers that can visually enhance your desktop.

Designed for Microsoft’s operating system mentioned in the app’s name, the tool only requires a double-click to install on your computer.

All the settings can be adjusted from Windows’ desktop background menu. There are ten different pictures in the pack, all with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. The high quality of the images means that they should adjust perfectly to most desktops, no matter how large they are.

The position of the wallpapers can also be adjusted from the same desktop background menu. The items can be centered, tiled or stretched, or they can be modified to fit or fill the entire screen. Considering the large resolution of the images, they shouldn’t suffer any pixelation no matter the native size of your desktop.

The wallpapers represent water and other liquids in motion and have a blue or grey color scheme. The images are either photos taken with slow motion cameras or creative picture manipulations. Either way, they all look great.

You can choose to display all the pictures or only some of them by ticking the corresponding checkboxes. Additionally, you can alter the amount of time passed before the images are changed. Windows provides a number of options, varying from ten seconds to an entire day.

Also, the photos can appear in a random order by activating the “Shuffle” option.

All in all, 3D Motion Windows 7 Theme is a great-looking pack of wallpapers for your computer. Installing and adjusting the tool to suit your needs shouldn’t be difficult, no matter how inexperienced you are.

3D Motion Windows 7 Theme was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on December 28th, 2012
3D Motion Windows 7 Theme - This a sample of how your desktop would look like while 3D Motion Windows 7 Theme is installed.

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