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Add an Alienware theme to your computer

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Customization is one of the advantages that users look for when using the computer. Personalization can be a very important factor, as different users come with different preferences.

AlienGUIse is a simple application designed to help you easily find ways to spice up your desktops' look. Nevertheless, one of its drawbacks is that it can only be used with Windows Vista and XP, so if you are a Windows 7 user, you cannot use this software to enhance your desktops' appearance.

The program provides you with a simple tab-based interface that allows you to view the available themes that you can apply, as well as browse for other ones.

You simply have to choose the desired theme and apply it. Within a few moments, the selected theme is applied across every element of your desktop, transforming its look. Changes are applied to the wallpaper, Windows Explorer, default icons and application shortcuts, as well as Internet Explorer, the start menu and the start bar. Practically, every window that you open automatically receives the new look and feel.

AlienGUIse automatically detects the default theme for your operating system and places it in the list, thus you can come back to the original theme at any time.

In addition to this, AlienGUIse does not interfere with the 'Display Properties' section of your system, as you can change the desktop wallpaper, while the other theme elements remain unchanged.

One advantage that this theme manager brings you is the possibility to select which application window should be excluded when applying a theme. This way, you can select the EXE files you want AlienGUIse to simply ignore.

AlienGUIse is a lighweight application designed for Windows XP and Vista users that want to easily enhance their computers' look and fully customize their computing experience.

AlienGUIse was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on February 14th, 2012
AlienGUIse - This is the main window of AlienGUIse where you can choose to apply a new theme to your computerAlienGUIse - This tab will offer you the possibility to use Aero window frames while keeping the rest of the skinAlienGUIse - This is the way your Vista computer will look like after you apply the Alienware themeAlienGUIseAlienGUIseAlienGUIseAlienGUIseAlienGUIse

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