Holiday Lights Windows 7 Theme

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Embrace the winter season with a sparkling themepack from Microsoft

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Developed by Microsoft, Holiday Lights Windows 7 Theme is a theme pack designed for all computer users who want to relive the holiday, wintery moments. It can be easily installed and configured, no matter how inexperienced you are.

The app includes 17 high-resolution wallpapers with a wide dimension of 1920 x 1200 pixels; this means the images can fit any screen without suffering any quality loss, no matter what size we're talking about.

The pictures have vivid colors and display beautiful scenery during the winter time; each of them has an element which represents light, such as Christmas lights, candle light and glitter.

Thanks to the options provided by Windows, you can modify some settings concerning the desktop background. For instance, you can deselect the pictures you don't want to be displayed on the screen, as well as make the remaining ones transition in a random order and at a user-defined interval; you can choose time presets, starting with 10 seconds and going up to 1 day.

The wallpapers can be positioned to either fill or fit the screen, or to appear stretched, centered or tiled. However, given the large dimension of the photographs, there is no difference between 'Center' and 'Fill'. The system sound scheme is automatically switched to 'Garden' when you apply the Holiday Lights Windows 7 Theme.

The tool puts little strain on the computer CPU and system memory. It didn't cause the operating system to experience difficulties during our evaluation. No recent updates have been made to Holiday Lights Windows 7 Theme.

Holiday Lights Windows 7 Theme was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on January 16th, 2013
Holiday Lights Windows 7 Theme - Brighten your desktop with sparkling images of holiday celebration and winter wonder in this Windows 7 theme.