Yosemite UX Pack3.0

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Easily enhance your Windows operating system with OS X Yosemite themes, login screen, wallpapers, sounds, spaces, launchpad and more

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OS X Mavericks UX Pack addresses a certain category of Windows users that would rather turn any available Windows theme into something a bit peculiar, to say the least. Some say that there’s no accounting for taste and it seems this is exactly the case with OS X Mavericks UX Pack.

What OS X Mavericks UX Pack does is bringing as much OS X as possible to the desktop of computers actually running the Windows OS. While the rivalry between Microsoft and Apple (alongside their fanatic supporters) is pretty clear, there still is a fair amount of users that prefer the OS X design to Windows, on a non-Apple computer.

Although it may seem a bit futile, this whole concept has been around for some time and OS X Mavericks UX Pack is only another version coming out in time for the release of the tenth major release of Apple’s proprietary OS. OS X Mavericks UX Pack tries to create the illusion of this particular OS on computer hosts running Windows 7 or newer operating systems.

As soon as you start OS X Mavericks UX Pack, you are able to quickly and easily choose the system font, dock, taskbar as well as other options including the Orb, left side OS X caption buttons style, Spaces, Dashboard or Launchpad. The main differences between this piece of software and OS X Mavericks Transformation Pack are that the UX Pack cannot be installed on WIndows XP and Vista as well as the fact that it does not interfere with system files.

Many users find OS X Mavericks Transformation Pack to be the favorite application to go with, but OS X Mavericks UX Pack is definitely worth a shot if you are deploying it on Windows 7 or any other newer OS version. Being lighter and less system intrusive, OS X Mavericks UX Pack can be a very good alternative to its big brother whenever your imagination runs wild and asks that you make your non-Apple computer display similar design to the OS X Mavericks.

Yosemite UX Pack was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on September 15th, 2014
Yosemite UX Pack - The application allows you to change the look and feel of your desktop by adding a OS X theme.Yosemite UX Pack - You have the possibility to access the Mac-specific toolbar, giving you the chance to navigate through applications.Yosemite UX Pack - Prior to the installation users can select the desired options from this window of Yosemite UX Pack.

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