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A new theme, potentially destined for Windows XP. Freeware

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Royale Theme is a great looking theme for Windows XP developed by Microsoft and inspired by the one used on Windows Media Center. This little tool is actually a way to change some elements of the Windows XP GUI, such as the taskbar, the title bar and the start menu.

Installing the software is just a matter of clicks and this is actually the only 'interface' of the app the user will meet as it all comes down to pressing 'Next' until all the files have been copied on our computer.

After the successful installation, we had to access the 'Display Properties' menu and its 'Appearance Tab' and just select the Media Center style and the Royal color scheme.

The ace up its sleeve is that Royale Theme comes as a stand-alone add-on, so you won't have to install other software solutions to change the look of your operating system.

In plain English, that means a minimal footprint on computer resources, especially when thinking that most software solutions designed to modify Windows' look and feel may sometimes slow down the operating system.

Another good thing is that it doesn't modify any system files, so you're on the safe side all the time. On the other hand, you won't be able to remove the theme automatically, so in case you wish to get rid of all the files, you will have to do the operation by hand.

Overall, Royale Theme is a nice and easy to use visual enhancement that is worth your time and surely deserves at least a try.

Royale Theme for WinXP - Official was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on January 14th, 2013
Royale Theme for WinXP - OfficialRoyale Theme for WinXP - Official

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