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Modify the properties of files, change their creation or accessing date, permanently delete them, and create inaccessible, protected ones with this file management tool

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File & Folder Tools is a reliable and easy to use file manager that enables you to organize, sort or search for files/folders on your computer. The software is lightweight and works as a folder explorer, that also allows you to modify files’ attributes or change their creation date. Thus you may easily arrange and organize important files.

File attribute changer

File & Folder Tools allows you to modify certain parts of a document’s metadata, such as attributes or creation date. The software can batch process files, with this function and supports any type or format. It does not allow you to modify specific information, such as format, but you may enable System, Read-Only, Hidden or Archive attributes.

You may change the existing attributes or add new ones. Moreover, date and time information may also be modified. Thus, if a file was created with the wrong time stamp, you may easily correct it, by inserting the proper date and time. The software enables you to select the desired files for each operation individually.

Facile folder manager and searching engine

File & Folder Tools offers you several options for customizing files and folders, generating hashes or searching for items on your computer. Additionally, you may replace a folder’s icon with an image of your choice or reveal hidden files and folders in the selected location.

The software can detect the items that were hidden, by modifying their specific attribute, then allows you to select the files or folders you wish to restore. File & Folder Tools also enables you to search for items on your computer, using multiple filters, such as parts of the file name or formats. The split and join function allows you to cut a file into two or more parts, as well as stitch supported files together.

System explorer and file manager

Not only does File & Folder Tools work as a reliable document manager, but it also enables you to identify the desired items, change their attributes or generate hashes. Moreover, the software enables you to batch process files, in order to easily organize, sort or find them, based on their time stamp. It can also reveal hidden items, then restore them to their original state.

File & Folder Tools was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 4th, 2015
File & Folder Tools - File & Folder Tools enables you to alter the attributes of any file or document stored on your computer.File & Folder Tools - You can modify the date and time when a file was created, modified or accessed from the Date Time Changer section.File & Folder Tools - The age of a file can be changed from the dedicated tab, by specifying the exact time when it was created.File & Folder Tools - File & Folder Tools allows you to check whether two files are identical or not, even if their name is different.File & Folder Tools - From the File Shredder section, you can permanently delete files and make them unrecoverable.File & Folder Tools - screenshot #6File & Folder Tools - screenshot #7File & Folder Tools - screenshot #8File & Folder Tools - screenshot #9File & Folder Tools - screenshot #10File & Folder Tools - screenshot #11File & Folder Tools - screenshot #12File & Folder Tools - screenshot #13File & Folder Tools - screenshot #14File & Folder Tools - screenshot #15File & Folder Tools - screenshot #16File & Folder Tools - screenshot #17

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