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Efficiently manage your iPod or your Motorola mobile phone

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Many iPod users reported some issues when trying to connect their device to the computer and this not because of a hardware technical issue, but simply because iTunes can sometimes be hard to get along with.

An alternative software you can turn to if you find yourself in that situation is Floola. This application offers iPod owners the tools for managing the gadget fast and easy. A great thing about it is that it doesn't require installation and is ready to run right out of the box.

Using Floola copying and deleting songs is just as fast as in iTunes and this tool does the same thing with podcasts and playlists. Plus, it has the ability to search for duplicates and lyrics, two great goodies for every iPod aficionado out there.

A great feature built-in Floola is the ability to fix some problems with the iPod. There is a firmware repair function to help you get things back on track is some software messed up your iPod.

In case you want to add to your library an online video, all you have to do is copy the webpage URL address. Also, Floola supports synchronization of Google Calendar events. Probably the best thing about this program we found during our tests is that Floola works very smoothly overall and connects to your iPod in a second.

All in all, if you're looking for an iTunes replacement, Floola is one of best you can get. The file management and synchronization features work a treat and the iPod firmware fix is a welcomed bonus.

Floola was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 16th, 2012
Floola - Floola will help you efficiently manage your iPod or your Motorola mobile phoneFloola - The Item menu will provide users with basic functions as well as Import lyrics, Add from web or Add to / Usedin playlist optionsFloola - Users will be able to access options such as Album / Artist / Genre Rename / Delete / Create playlist or Artwork from the Edit menuFloolaFloolaFloolaFloolaFloolaFloolaFloolaFloolaFloolaFloolaFloolaFloolaFloolaFloolaFloolaFloolaFloolaFloolaFloolaFloolaFloola

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