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A versatile, reliable and effective solution especially designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod users who need to transfer music, photos, files from their device to a PC

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Phone Stick is a comprehensive and reliable software solution geared towards users who need to transfer their personal files such as movies, books, documents and family photos from their iPhone, iPod or iPad device to their computer, without affecting data integrity.

Now, one of the most common, and for some users - the only way to manage personal files on an iOS device is iTunes, but not all of us are quite happy with it. iTunes won´t allow direct transfers from the handheld device to the PC, obnoxiously starts when connecting a phone (some don´t know how to turn this feature off) and it can also freeze the system for a brief period of time.

If you´re kind of fed up with iTunes, then maybe it´s time you try Phone Stick, as this app will rid out of the aforementioned things.

Once Phone Stick is launched, it will mount all the available drives to your computer, allowing you to access them from the Windows Explorer. Since they are labeled differently, namely ‘Media’, ‘Books’ and ‘USB Stick’, you are able to access your files with ease. On this manner, you can transfer any document, picture or book without using an intermediary application, such as iTunes. Simply copy and paste your favorite songs and images to the folder you want and synchronize all the content effortlessly.

The main window displays all of the available drives that are mounted to your computer so you can modify the permissions from ‘Read/Write’ to ‘Read Only’, as well as unmount the selected drive. Additionally, you are able to preview the entire content on each drive.

Another important feature, especially designed for advanced users, is that the application also provides you with access to the iOS’s file system, so if you know how to play around, you will surely find this option very useful. Folders such as ‘Airlock’, ‘DiskAid’, ‘general_storage’, ‘iTunes_Control’ and ‘Purchases’, to name a few, will become available. However, you need to pay attention when it comes to changing the iOS system files or apps as they might render your iDevice or programs unusable.

To wrap it up, Phone Stick is a practical solution worth having when you need to manage and transfer your favorite files and documents to and from your computer.

Phone Stick was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on February 19th, 2014
Phone Stick - The application will help you quickly and easily transfer music, photos, files from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a PCPhone Stick - The Options section of the application will provide users with a list of settings such as 'Ask what to do when a device is connected' or Show tray iconPhone Stick - By accessing the System Tray menu you are able to mount a new iOS file system and more media files

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