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User-friendly tool that helps you transfer songs, videos and playlists from any iPod/iPad/iPhone to your computer and/or iTunes, update song metadata, and sync Outlook data

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iGadget is a small software application whose purpose is to help you transfer songs, videos and playlists from any iPod/iPad/iPhone to your computer and/or iTunes.

User interface

The tool integrates an intuitive layout where you can select the songs that you want to transfer from your device to the PC. Additionally, the utility reveals information about the song name, artist, album, genre, rating, play count, and others details.

You are allowed to pick the playlist from where you want to transfer files and filter data by genre, artist or album.

Transfer songs

iGadget gives you the possibility to transfer songs while preserving the play counts, user ratings, last played dates, playback position and other details. Plus, you may select the destination folder, enable the option for transferring file to iTunes, as well as check out the required and available space.

Advanced parameters for the transfer process

The application also comes packed with a set of advanced settings that help you create a directory structure to place the songs into, set up file naming rules, as well as preview how the directory structure and filename look like in a dedicated panel.

You can make the application skip songs that are already in iTunes when transferring data, remove transferred songs after importing them into iTunes, as well as copy songs to a specific iTunes playlist (if it doesn’t exit, it is automatically created). Additionally, you can organize your files into folders based on size limitations of various media types (e.g. CD, DVD).

Update songs

What’s more, you may opt for updating songs from your iTunes with play counts and ratings from the songs detected on your iPod. You are given the freedom to update all songs in the iTunes library or some particular items in a specific playlist and select the items that you want to update (play count, user rating and last played date).

Exporting features

iGadget enables you to export a listing with the selected songs to HTML, CSV or plain text file format, and pick the info to include (e.g. genre, artist, album, track, title, year, bitrate, size, rating).

You can add, edit and remove text notes on your iPod, synchronize Outlook data by selecting the target folders and customizing the settings for each of the Outlook items (calendar, contact, mail, note and task), and download information from the Internet and store it on your iPod so you can be up-to-date with movie showtimes, RSS news, weather and horoscope.

Bottom line

All in all, iGadget delivers a user-friendly environment, puts at your disposal several handy features for managing iPod/iPad/iPhone’s files, and is suitable for all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

iGadget was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on August 8th, 2015
iGadget - iGadget is a simple application that will allow you to easily manage your iPod plugins.iGadget - You can choose to display the plugin description and the iTunes auto-sync message.iGadget - The application also features a schedule to automatically sync your iPod.iGadgetiGadgetiGadget

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