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An intuitive, simple to use application that enables you to browse the Internet and access your favorite websites at any time you wish

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Bombardi Web Browser is an Internet tool that allows you to easily access any website, at any time you wish. The software is easy to use and directs you to the desired address in a short time. Its simple interface make it simple for you to just enter the website URL and click the Go! button.

Simplistic Internet Browser

Bombardi Web Browser features a minimalistic interface, with one field for the website address and “Go!” button. You may view the website you accessed through a small window that cannot be extended. You may resize the browser’s window, but the page display remains the same.

However, you can use the scroll bars in order to navigate the page up and down, to the left or to the right. Moreover, regardless if you enter the website address with or without the initial protocols, HTTP and WWW, the software can direct you to the desired URL in a matter of seconds.

Internet tool with missing functions

Bombardi Web Browser could benefit from the addition of a series of function it does not currently offer. Thus, not only is the size of the display fixed, but the interface includes only the website address bar and the “Go!” button. Back / Forward, Stop or the Reload functions are not available.

Additionally, it could feature a bookmarking function, a history of recently visited websites, a download manager and log function or a quick search area. It could also allow you to set a certain website as the home page. Moreover, the software does not allow you to modify settings, save a webpage or remember passwords. However, the Internet Explorer context menu is available to mildly compensate for these gaps.

Internet browsing in a basic manner

Bombardi Web Browser is a reliable software, it supports many types of websites and allows you to browse the Internet in an easy way. Although the software is trustworthy, it misses certain functions that make it rather uncomfortable to use. You need to enter the web addresses manually, it does not feature a history, quick search or the command buttons.

Bombardi Browser was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on October 28th, 2014
Bombardi Browser - The main window of Bombardi Browser allows users to explore their preferred websites

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