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There are many web browsers available on the market nowadays, and choosing the perfect one is just a matter of choice, after all. There’s no need to emphasize on the fact that we all have a favorite web browser, and the big names in this particular area are gaining more and more popularity each day. However, there are less known software solutions that are worth being tried.

CometBird is one of the examples, as it packs a clean interface, many customizable tools and excellent browsing speed. The user interface is pretty much similar to Firefox’s well-known layout, so if you are familiar with this tool, you can master this app in no time.

This open source utility comes packed with all the necessary features that you’d expect to be included in such a program. It provides multi-tabbed support, smart bookmarks folders, a location bar, tags and a library.

CometBird is also able to ensure that your private data remains secure while surfing the Internet, and this way you can make the program remember site passwords, look for a secure connection before installing add-ons, banish pop-ups, clear private data and offer protection against malware, virus and phishing.

You can customize its looks in many different ways, as you can add, drag, remove and reorder tabs according with your needs.

It also offers parental control, multiple search engines integrated in the search bar, spell checking, full zoom, and session restoration.

This browser includes a download manager that allows you to get video, audio or flash files directly from your favorite sites (e.g. YouTube), and this is definitely a big achievement. You can download any online videos, without having to use a dedicated tool for dealing with such a task.

Moreover, the synchronization feature allows users to use bookmark collections on different browsers or computers.

To sum things up, CometBird is definitely a reliable and fast web browser that offers many customizable tools and advanced features, all bundled in a clean interface.

CometBird was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on June 4th, 2013
CometBird - CometBird will provide users with a powerful, fast and stable web browser with superior performanceCometBird - Users will be able to access a list of basic functions as well as options such as Download Media Files or all links with BitCometCometBird - You can Synchronize Now, use Notes, Manage Bookmarks or Import Google Bookmarks within the right upper side menuCometBirdCometBirdCometBirdCometBirdCometBirdCometBirdCometBirdCometBirdCometBirdCometBirdCometBirdCometBirdCometBirdCometBirdCometBirdCometBirdCometBird

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