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You can use this simple and lightweight Internet browser to access your favorite web pages and explore the vast online environment

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DustyNet is an easy to use piece of software developed to function as a basic web browser, providing you with the ability to explore various websites in a relaxing manner.

The program is quite simple, featuring only a few essential functions, namely 'Go', 'Home', 'Refresh', 'Add Tab', 'Remove Tab', 'Forward' and 'Back', none of which have hotkeys assigned, so you need to press the buttons in DustyNet's interface in order to make them work.

To access a web page, you need to input its URL address and click on the 'Go' button. In order to move downwards, you can only use your mouse scroll, as it does not respond to the keyboard arrows, nor does it have a scroll bar on the side, for you to use.

Additionally, DustyNet allows you to open a HTML file or save the current page to HTML; you can also print it for a more thorough analysis, or you can obtain a 'Print Preview'. From the context menu, you can view a page's source, save the background of a website or add a page to your Favorites. However, you do not have the possibility of setting bookmarks. DustyNet allows you to download files to your PC, saving them to a location you choose.

The application is a standalone browser which can easily be stored and run from from any removable media drive, so you can use it at work or at home, wherever you prefer, and does not go through an installation process. Consequently, it does not generate any registry entries on your PC and you can remove it from your system just by deleting the containing folder.

To summarize, DustyNet is a basic yet efficient Internet browser that offers you minimal features and functions, allowing you to explore the web with ease, from your desktop or a USB stick.

DustyNet was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 9th, 2014
DustyNet - DustyNet is a simple Internet browser that provides you with a series of basic functionsDustyNet - From the File menu, you can open a new page or save the current one, print it or view its propertiesDustyNet - The Navigate menu enables you to move forward or backward, refresh the current page or go HomeDustyNet - screenshot #4DustyNet - screenshot #5

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